Insurance Requirements

The Queensland HPV Super Series exists to facilitate the organisation of standardised documents, rules, regulations and results across ALL Queensland HPV Events. These documents include:
• The Queensland HPV Super Series Information Pack
• The Queensland HPV Super Series Vehicle Specifications
• The Queensland HPV Super Series Race Rules
• The Queensland HPV Super Series Registration Form
• The Queensland HPV Super Series Driver Licence Test; and
• The Queensland HPV Super Series Official Protest Form.

These documents have all been written in collaboration with, and ratified by, each of the Event Coordinators across ALL 8 rounds of the Queensland HPV Super Series. However, the creation and distribution of Event Manuals are the sole responsibility of each event and subsequent event coordinators participating in the Queensland HPV Super Series. Equally it is the responsibility of each event to ensure they have adequate Insurance coverage when hosting their round of the Queensland HPV Super Series. Event coordinators MUST forward their Insurance Certificate of Currency to the Queensland HPV Super Series Coordinator at least one month prior to their scheduled event. The Queensland HPV Super Series and its coordinators accept NO responsibility for organising event insurance.

The QLD HPV Super Series Coordinators, event committees, hosting organisations, Education Queensland and event sponsors accept NO liability for any articles that may be lost, stolen or damaged during the event. They also accept NO liability for any bodily damage or injury sustained by officials, participants, spectators or members of the public during or in connection with the event.

Insurance cover for students undertaking physical activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised that the Department of Education Training and the Arts does not have Personal Accident Insurance cover for students. Education Queensland has public liability cover for all approved school activities and provides compensation for students injured at school only when the Department is negligent. If this is not the case, then all costs associated with the injury are the responsibility of the parent or caregiver. It is a personal decision for parents as to the type and level of private insurance they arrange to cover students for any accidental injury that may occur.

State School teams are invited to take out their own additional property and/or personal accident insurance.

Non-State School teams MUST provide evidence of adequate insurance. The Event Committee requires proof of Public Liability Insurance before a Non-State School team is granted entry to an event. A copy of Public Liability Insurance must accompany each Non-State School’s Entry Form.